Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala

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Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala

Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala   is one of the greatly respected hindu with strong feeling of religion place of religion placed in Dharmasthala, Ujire, Dakshina Kannada part of the country, Karnataka. religion-connected agents from every control of the country go to this place to go down on one’s knees to the chief the Great Being (of a religion) Manjunatheshwara (ruler Shiva).


This place of religion is nearly 800 years old, controlled by Jain one coming after, currently Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Temple is controlled by Dr. Veerendra line of low trees.

As per the story the higher beings took to do with man form and appeared in front of Pergade house looking for a place where dharma was being done expertly and could be proceeded and put out on top.

Just like their power, the Pergade grouped in 2 gave signs of well taken in these given great respect guests with all their heart. Pleased by their genuineness and freeness, that night the dharma Daivas showed up in the mind pictures of Shri Birmanna Pergade. They clarified the reason for their go to him and trained him to clear his starting point for the love of the Daivas and put down in writing his living to the producing of dharma.

later, the Pergade family made themselves another house for the Daivas at Nelyadi Beedu. This proceeds even today.

As they proceeded with their love and belief, the dharma Daivas again showed up before Shri Birmanna Pergade to make very good places loving to the four dharma Daivas: Kalarahu, Kalarkai, Kumaraswamy and Kanyakumari.

Also, Pergade was gave teaching to select 2 persons of high and good birth to act as the Daivas person of great knowledge and four good enough persons to help Shri Pergade in his duties as the Executive Head of the highly respected places due to relation with a person or thing. In return, the Daivas had promised Shri Pergade family care, great amount of Charity and in the public eye for the Shri Kshetra.

As appointed, Shri Pergade made the place of religion and gave signs of well taken in highest group in Hindu society clerics to play out the Customs. These ministers asked for Pergade to in the same way put into use for first time a Shivalinga next to the nearby Daivas.

The Daivas then sent their person as property Annappa Swamy to come to be the much-loved person of Lord Manjunatheshwara from Kadri, close to Mangalore. Along these lines Shree Manjunatha Swamy place of religion was worked around this person (or thing) of great respect.

Around the 16 hundred, Shri Devaraja Heggade gave signs of well taken in Shri Vadiraja swami of Udupi to go to the very good place. The Swamiji readily came yet declined to give Bhiksha  in light of the fact that the special sign of Lord Manjunatha had not been like a higher-being by the Vedic Customs.

Shri Heggade then asked for the Swamiji to re-bless the Shivalinga himself. pleased by the wide approval of one’s work of the vedic ceremonies and Heggade’s to all, the Swamiji named the place Dharmasthala the habitation religion and Charity. In this way, the bases of Charity and with strong feeling of religion power to spring back made up by the Pergades 800 years back which have been supported by 20 one times of the Heggade family, (Heggade being a help from Pergade). Today’s Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Temple flowers with the open handed belief.

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