Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Mangalore is recognized as a pilgrimage center and boasts of various sacred temples like Sharavu, Kadri, Mangaladevi, Kudroli etc. Out of these Sri Sharavu Sharabeshwara – Sri Mahaganapathy Kshetra is an excellent, religious center of the great memorable history of marathon 800 years. Because the temple Sri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple is located in the heart of the city, locating and reaching the temple is very easy. It is at a walking distance from Hampankatta and also can comfortably reach by autorickshaws.

The name “Sharavu” is derived from the word “Shara” which means arrow. About eight centuries back, the “Sthalapurana” or local renowned depicts, a very powerful king, Maharaja Veerabahu of Tuluva region, killed a cow by absolute mistake by shooting it with an arrow. He in actuality meant to shoot the tiger which was standing beside the cow. But, his unculpable terrible sin had to be erased, for which he did set up a “Shiva Linga” as per the advice of a great seer Sri Bharadhwaja.

This Shivalinga has been worshiped by the Maharaja as Sharabeshwara. This holy place was termed afterward as “Sharavu” and the newly formed temple tank as “Sharatheertha”.

Later, the most respected divine image of “Sri Dhashabhuja Mahaganapathy” along with “Siddilaxmi” appeared on the southern wall of this blessed Sharabeshwara temple. Lord Laxmiganapathy has been worshiped by a devout ancient named Yeshiva of Ganapathya cult. After a course of time, he had to endow this noble responsibility of worshipping Lord Ganesh to an old Brahmin, named Ganesha Kekunnaya as per the heavenly command of Lord Ganesha.

Subsequently, it is Sri Ganesha Kekunnaya’s family which has the sacred responsibility of performing “Pooja” to Lord Sharabeshwara and Lord Laxmiganapathy, and also looking after the management of the temple interaction.

This temple draws thousands of devotees each day. On the special occasions like Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, annual Car Festival or “Rathothsava” starting on Chandramana Yugadi, Deepothsava or Festival of Lights and on Shankasti Chaturthi days, an awfully large number of devotees have the sacred “Darshana” of Lord Sharabeshwara Lord Mahaganapathy. This temple is certainly the center of a variety of cultural activities like Yakshagana, Dance Drama etc. and also of humanitarian as well as social service activities.

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