Bappanadu Temple Mulki

Bappanadu Temple Mulki

Bappanadu Temple Mulki

Bappanadu Temple Mulki

Bappanadu’s drum is said to be fairly huge in size and has kept exhibiting at Karavali Utsav in Mangalore as one of the heritage pieces of Tulunadu. Beyond the drum, Bappanadu Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple has a history of  800 years. Its main god is Durga Parameshwari and the sub divinity is Ganesh.

Bappanadu Temple Mulki is founded and built with the help of a Muslim merchant and it is described in legend and folklore with very involved episodes.


It all starts with the killing of a demon by name Darigasura. He was killed by Durga Parameshwari who, along with her sisters, started a  journey toward the north from Kanyakumari. When they reached Mulki they decided to rest in a shade of coconut trees.

They saw a toddy-tapper collecting toddy from the coconut tree and requested him to give them seven tender coconuts. As he was cutting off the coconut husk, one coconut got opened which Bhagavati accepted and drank the water. Since he was a Shudra, others in the group

Since he was a Shudra, others in the group banished her and proceeded on their journey, leaving her behind. She declared that the toddy-tapper was her devotee and stayed put there. She transformed herself into a linga and Stayed in Mulki between the Shambhavi and Nandini rivers.

A Muslim merchant named Bappa Beary from Kerala was a pious, religious person with respect for all religions. He loaded his boat with supplies for sale in far-off places along the shore in the north. As he was travelling trough water in the Shambhavi River near Mulki, the boat stopped in the centre of the river.

As he was seeing, he observed the around river water had turned blood-red. With fear, he did his namaz and went to sleep in the mired boat. A luminous Durgambike came into view in his dream and said: “There is only one God for the entire world.

There are different names for him. You build a temple for me and your name will be remembered forever”. Bappa Beary received the demand.

He went to far-off places, sold his things and returned. Again Devi reminded him of her demand and his agreement. He went to the local Jain ruler, Dugganna Samanta, and told him about his dream. Samanta, with the material, assists from Bappa Beary, constructed the temple. Bappa Beary also set up his home close by. Thus, the place came to be known as Bappanadu.

furthermore, In this temple, the idols of Lord Ganesha and Lord Narasimha are also worshipped. As per tradition, Navaratri pooja, moodeavalu, deepotsava, ananta chaturdashi, dhanurmasa and a yearly fair for 21 days take place Systematically

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