Royal Palace
Royal Palace is one of the most well-liked attractions of Thanjavur. The Palace, located within the Vijaynagara Fort complex, was the residence of the Nayak Kings of Thanjavur. The royal palace, built in 16th century, later became the seat of the Maratha rulers of Thanjavur in the 17th century.
Art Gallery
Art Gallery, located within the Thanjavur Royal Palace, is one of the major attractions of Thanjavur town.
Nandi Bull
The Nandi has always had a significant place in Hindu mythology. Here, one can see a massive idol of this divine bull. The Nandi is a monolith measuring 12 feet in height, 19.5 feet in length and 18.25 feet in width, and weighing about 25 tons.
Grand Anicut
Grand Anicut is one of the major destinations of the tourists visiting Thanjavur. Located close to Trichy, the Grand Anicut or the Kallanai is one of the legacy sites of Tamil Nadu which is still in use.
Airavateswara temple
Airavateswara temple is one of the pilgrimage attractions offered by the temple town of Thanjavur. Airavateswara temple, located nearby Kumbakonam at Darasuram, is devoted to Lord Airavateshwara or Lord Shiva.
Siva Ganga Garden
Siva Ganga Garden is one of the major attractions of Thanjavur. Siva Ganga garden is situated within the Vijaynagara Fort nearby the Thanjavur Palace, towards the North East of Brihadeshwar temple.
Schwartz Church
Schwartz Church, placed in the nearness of Thanjavur Palace, is one of the attractions of Thanjavur.
Brihadeshwar temple
Brihadeshwar temple or the Big temple is the major attraction of Thanjavur. Brihadeshwar temple was built in the early 11th century by Rajaraja Chola I. The temple is formed in the Dravidian style of architecture in granite.
Vijaynagara Fort
Vijaynagara Fort is one of the popular historic monuments in Thanjavur. The fort, built in early 1550 AD. The Nayak king Vijay Raghav constructed a part of Vijaynagara Fort and later it was finished by the Maratha rulers.
Mercury temple
The Mercury temple also called the Sri Suvedaranyar Temple is located near Mayiladuthurai and is devoted to the Lord Budhan or Mercury which is among the nine planets.

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