Mount Carmel Chapel

Mount Carmel Chapel

Built by Portuguese for their brigade, the Mount Carmel Chapel is now used by the Indian Army. The 18th-century chapel has dark coloured altars, made of magnificently carved wood. You can see people wielding brooms and dusters and cleaning the chapel.

Mount Carmel Chapel was built for the regiment stationed at Ponda town and erected by provision of 13.5.1782 at the request of the Colonel Antonio de Assa Castelo Branco, Commander of the Royal Legion, and of the Province of Ponda. Fr.Filipe Osorio from Raia (1788 to 1800) was then missionary vicar of Ponda. From 1981 many of the parish activities like marriages, baptisms etc are held in this Chapel because of its centrality.

From 1962 the Franciscan Friars were Given the Parish of Ponda, The Friars have recently in the year 2012 have celebrated the golden jubilee of their presence in the parish of Ponda.

Currently Fr.Simon Pinto is the resident Chaplain of Mt. Carmel Chapel.

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